Positions Available - Senior Power Electronics Engineer - Phoenix, AZ

Position Location

Phoenix, Arizona

Position Summary

The Senior Power Electronics Engineer will design, develop and improve new and existing power supply and amplifier technologies, circuits and integrated end product solutions for MiTek’s audio markets.

Essential Functions

  • Design PWM/Class D audio power amplifiers up to and in excess of 1kW.
  • Design offline, PFC and DC/DC switch-mode power supplies up to and excess of 1kW.
  • Generate engineering specifications for products and systems.
  • Perform computer simulation, analysis and testing of circuits and systems to deliver high quality designs.
  • Design analog-digital circuits and systems hardware including ADC/DAC, preamps, feedback, gate drive, cooling/protection/monitoring systems, etc.
  • Develop and execute detailed test and verification plans.
  • Work with development, production and quality teams to ensure designs are delivered on schedule meeting manufacturing, quality and cost requirements.
  • Research and evaluate new technologies and applications for switch-mode power supplies and audio power amplifiers.
  • Contribute to company intellectual property through invention disclosures.
  • Occasional foreign and domestic travel to attend reviews, visit vendors and attend conferences and workshops.

Essential Tasks

  •          Collaborate with electrical engineers and other personnel to identify, define and solve development problems.
  •          Analyze and interpret test information to resolve design-related problems.
  •          Prepare project cost and work-time estimates.
  •          Provide technical support for customer problems/complaints. 



  • BSEE with 5 years or equivalent experience in power supply or power amplifier design
  • MSEE with emphasis in power electronics, desired.


  • Professional or non-professional interest/background in audio
  • Experience with various CAD tools (e.g. Altium, Solidworks, etc.)
  • Specific experience designing class D audio power amplifiers
  • Experience developing power-control systems using microprocessors, DSP, FPGA, etc.
  • Mechanical and thermal systems design experience
  • Knowledge of FEA or similar analysis and simulation tools
  • Programming skills such as MATLAB, Verilog/VHDL, C/C++, VB, etc.
  • Experience with off-shore sourcing and manufacturing integration


  • Demonstrated strong technical understanding and experience in the simulation, design and development of various PWM power conversion topologies, circuits and systems.
  • Demonstrated strong technical understanding and experience with PCB layout and electromechanical systems design of high voltage/current/power PWM electronics. 
  • Experience with power/analog/digital circuit analysis and simulation using SPICE or equivalent.
  • Component level design experience with power conversion semiconductors and ICs including BJTs, MOSFETS, IGBTs, opto-isolators, gate drivers, modulators, current sensors, etc.
  • Working knowledge in the specification and design of high power/frequency switch-mode inductors, transformers and other electromagnetics.
  • Working knowledge of industry standard EMC and Safety regulatory compliance requirements and design best practices.
  • Ability to design and conduct real world tests for component, electrical, thermal, and mechanical circuits and systems.
  • Hands-on experience with test and debug tools including oscilloscopes, meters, network analyzers, logic analyzers, power analyzers, etc.
  • Practical knowledge of required steps to bring designs from concept to production including basic understanding of manufacturing processes and design for manufacturing.
  • Good written and oral communications skills and use of Microsoft Office applications.
  • Ability to learn our internal software as needed.

Work Environment

Normal Office Setting