Positions Available - IP Network Support Technician - Phoenix, AZ

Position Location

Phoenix, Arizona

Position Summary

The IP Network Support Technician will focus on IP Speaker network configuration and troubleshooting.  In addition to this responsibility, the position will provide technical support to customers as it relates to hardware and software platforms.  The IP Network Systems Technician will occasionally travel to jobsites to assist contractors and end users with the final configuration, testing and site acceptance of audio systems.  While in the field, the IP Network Support Technician will also provide training to onsite personnel in the use of audio systems.

Essential Functions

Support customer to ensuring that the network has been configured to satisfy the system requirements.

Assist customer for adding programs, software and hardware that may be required for system operation or diagnostics.

Assist the customer obtaining network traffic captures, and have the ability to analyze the data to help determine the network issues.

Provide technical support to Systems and Engineering relative to network configuration, integration and compatibility to our systems.

Support customer related systems issues via telephone, chat, and or remote desktop.

Update firmware and software as need to satisfy customer needs.

Provides expert technical support, diagnostic troubleshooting and consultation in the evaluation, installation and strategic planning of data communications services and components.

Diagnose and troubleshoot software and hardware issues and perform troubleshooting analysis of servers, workstations and associated systems.

Essential Tasks

Document system problems and resolutions for future reference.

Assemble, wire and test racking systems and perform hardware setup, wiring, configuration and testing.


Attendance/Attitude - Ability to exhibit a conscious effort to fill ones responsibilities on an hour-by-hour, day-by-day basis.  The partner understands the importance of attendance in his/her working relationships with team members and demonstrates an attitude that is conducive to the MiTek’s culture.

Customer Oriented - Ability to create a customer friendly culture by take care of the customers’ needs while following MiTek’s policies and procedures.

Enthusiastic/Creativity - Ability to bring energy to the performance of a task and the ability to approach a need, a task or an idea from a new perspective.

Flexibility/ Initiative/Accountability – Ability and willingness to change plans or ideas in order to deliver the highest quality in design, customer service, innovation, manufacturing and distribution of electronics and communications products. Ability to recognize and do what needs to be done before being asked to do it and the ability to hold yourself and others accountable for what is being asked of you.

Team Player/Loyalty – Demonstrate ability to work with others while showing the responsibility, dependability and accountability of what is expected to be a positive contribution to the team and the company while working towards the corporate Vision together.

Analytical Skills - Ability to take informational data and process it into a form that is beneficial to end users. 

Communication, Oral/Written – Writes clearly and informatively; Edits work for spelling and grammar; presents numerical data effectively; Able to speak, read, count and interpret written information in the English language.

Decision Making - Ability to make critical decisions while following MiTek or ISO 9000 procedures.

Integrity/Confidentiality - Ability to be safeguard necessary information to ensure intelligence and information is only shared with those that need to know.

Organized - Following a systematic method of performing a task, maintain easy to follow documentation, and ensure all files are accurate and easy to follow.

Working Under Pressure - Ability to complete assigned tasks correctly, in the allotted time, and in rapid-paced work          environment.


Knowledge of Wireshark and Windows XP/2003 Server/Windows 7/2008 Server. 

Proficient understanding of MS Office Programs (Word, Excel, and Outlook)

Ability to learn MiTek’s internal computer systems.

Intermediate knowledge of networking, infrastructure and interdependencies of hardware/software within in a network.

Intermediate knowledge of Switches, Routers, Hubs, Servers, Cables, Racks, Firewalls, LAN, WAN, TCP/IP, DNS, UDP, Latency, VoIP, QoS.

Basic network trouble-shooting skills.

Basic knowledge of general electronics.

Ability to work with outside and inside vendors.

Demonstrated technical aptitude with ability to learn.

Ability to maintain company or personal credit card.

Work Environment