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Corporate Offices

The 108,000 square foot Phoenix facility houses Mitek's corporate offices, which includes Management, Human Resources, Information Technology, Web Development, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Purchasing, Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service. The Phoenix building also serves as the Research and Development, Engineering, Manufacturing, and Distribution site for Mitek's electronics.

Electronics Research and Development

A revolutionary electronics lab is equipped with computerized testing and design software, including Solidworks 7.0, PADS PowerPCB, MicroSim PSpice, Audio Precision, and PowerLogic. All engineers and technicians have Audio Precision Analyzers on their test benches. Critical listening is performed using an in-house sound chamber and Burn-In chambers are utilized for long-term reliability testing. Thermal Imaging Cameras and COSMOS software are used for thermal prediction and analysis.

Amplifier Manufacturing and Distribution

An impressive display of automation, hand craftsmanship, and manufacturing equipment fills the massive amplifier manufacturing and distribution warehouse. Mitek fabricates its own heatsinks using CNC Robodrills and amplifiers are assembled using one Wave Solderer, custom-built load switchers and automated dip, axial, and radial inserters. The latest addition to the manufacturing plant is the elite Philips Topaz-model surface-mount device (SMD) mounter, which dramatically facilitates the process by which amplifier boards are assembled. By using this efficient machine, Mitek can produce 154 percent more amplifiers than it could by using the previous production methods in the same time period. Mitek partners vigorously test all amplifiers using the Teradyne test systems and Audio Precision System One. All final packaging is completed on-site and amplifiers are shipped to customers worldwide. The Phoenix facility also has full capabilities for metal, plastic, and wood fabrication.

International Training Center

The 13,000 square foot training center and showroom serves as a superior training and demonstration site for retailers and Mitek sales representatives. MTX, Xtant, Coustic and StreetWires products are on display via car audio kiosks. There are multiple home audio demonstration rooms showcasing DCM cabinets, MTX custom speakers, Musica accessories, and Soundolier wireless products for residential use. The Phoenix facility is also equipped with the Atlas Sound training center. A 50-seat training area equipped for instructional seminars and multi-media presentations and professional audio, fully active live sound stage. The showroom also features the incredible 18-seat "Pointe Cinema," a highly sophisticated theater equipped with 5.1 MTX Pointe Series loudspeakers and more than 15,000 watts of power. The showroom is a great place to learn about all of Mitek products while visiting the Phoenix facility.
4545 East Baseline Road
Phoenix, AZ 85042
(602) 438-4545
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